Canadian Optician Competency Self-Assessment

To be an effective optician in Canada, many different skills and abilities (called “competencies”) are expected and needed. Competencies are learned either through education, training, or on the job and are refined and improved over the course of an optician’s career. No one is expected to be an expert in all competencies, but every optician is expected to be able to safely perform every one of these tasks if required.

Opticians licensed in Canada are required to meet expectations for the Core and Eyeglasses sections. Only those dispensing contact lenses are required to meet expectations for Contact Lenses. Opticians are also encouraged to include low-vision services as part of their everyday practice.

This self-assessment is designed to help you evaluate yourself on the competencies expected of an optician in Canada. Many professionals and students from other countries will find that they are very skilled in some, but not all, competencies. With this self-assessment, you will discover the competencies that are important in Canada, and those where you may need to gain more knowledge or experience. When you have completed the self-assessment, you will receive a profile of your strengths and areas that may require further development. You can use this information as you plan your next steps in becoming an optician in Canada.

Completing the self-assessment

This self-assessment allows you to rate yourself on the competencies required to work as an optician in Canada. Upon completion, you will receive feedback on your readiness to pursue licensing as an optician in Canada. This assessment is for your purposes only; your results will not be accessible to any regulator or licensing body. The more accurate you are in your ratings, the more useful the feedback is to you.

For each competency, you will be asked to assess your level of ability:

  1. None (I have no ability in this area)
  2. Basic (I have ability in this area, but still need to improve my skills)
  3. Proficient (I am competent in this area)
  4. Expert (I have advanced skills in this area)

When you review each competency, if you are unsure what it means, you can place your cursor over the competency to see examples.


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