The Knowledge Self-Assessment test is a 100 question multiple-choice test that covers the range of knowledge expected of opticians in Canada.  This self-assessment allows you to rate yourself on your knowledge required to work in Canada as an optician.  Upon completion, you will receive feedback on your readiness to pursue licensing in Canada.  This assessment is for your purposes only; your results will be accessible to any regulator or licensing body.  You do not have to prepare or study for the assessment,  it is meant to give you an idea of how your current level of knowledge compares to a Canadian optician.  Below is blueprint for the assessment which shows you which competencies from the National Competencies are examined.

Examination formatOnline multiple choice with automated scoring
Examination length100 Questions
Competencies Units Examined:Unit 6: Demonstrates Clinical Knowledge25 questions
Unit 8: Utilizes Practice Process10 questions
Unit 9: Eyeglasses25 questions
Unit 10: Contact Lenses25 questions
Unit 11: Refraction10 questions
Unit 12: Low Vision5 questions


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