Living in Canada

Canada is a land of opportunity. With room to grow in almost every province, the Canadian government encourages immigration. With so many options available, we want to make sure you have a good idea of what the country, as well as each province, is like before you choose where to live.

The Canadian Way of Life

Canada is a mosaic of cultures, so there is no single way to be Canadian. However, there are general rules of social etiquette that most Canadians follow. Learning a little bit about the way Canadians interact will help you avoid culture shock, especially if you’re used to something different.

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Canadian Culture

Finding support for immigrants in your area is also an excellent way to get settled in a new country. To find services for your area, visit the Newcomers Services page on the Government of Canada website.

Climate and Geography

Canada is a beautiful country with a range of climates and geographical landscapes. You may be surprised to discover that Canada, known for being cold, has a variety of climate regions, and that weather depends on the region and the season. Some areas of the country have warm, humid summers and mild winters. And of course, some places in Canada can get chilly in the winter, but with the cold comes the idyllic beauty of fresh snow blanketing the landscape.

To read about the general climate in Canada and the average weather by month, visit:

Climate in Canada

Temperature in Canada

Weather in Canada

Canadian geography is as diverse as its people. The different regions of Canada encompass oceans, mountains, foothills, prairies, deserts and more. From lush vegetation to vast stretches of open land in patchwork patterns of yellow and green, there is something for everyone.

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Canadian Geography

Geography by Region

Video: Physical Regions of Canada

Canada Welcomes Immigrants

Canada values immigrants; one out of five Canadians is foreign born. In order to pursue a career in Canada, you will need to speak one of our country’s official national languages, English or French. However, Canada is a place where many languages, cultures, and religions coexist; you will not have to forfeit your heritage or stop speaking your native tongue altogether in order to live here.

In fact, having another language can be advantageous for you as an optician. Many patients are also immigrants, and find comfort and ease in meeting others with a familiar language and heritage. In Canada, the Multiculturalism Act protects your right to practice your religion, speak your native language, and celebrate your heritage without fear of official persecution.

Ethnic Diversity in Canada

Canada is made up of people from all over the world. More than 200 ethnic origins were reported in the 2011 National Household Survey. Over 6 million people in Canada identify as members of a visible minority. After English and French, the most common languages reported in that survey were Chinese, Tagalog, Spanish, and Punjabi.

To learn more about demographics in Canada, visit:

Immigration and Ethnocultural Diversity in Canada

Demographics of Canada


Canada is a constitutional monarchy, with a multi-party parliamentary system of government. Canadian citizens aged 18 and over are eligible to vote in local, provincial, and federal elections, as well as hold government positions. Canadians vote for a party rather than an individual to lead, and the prime minister is the leader of the federal party chosen by the people.

To learn more about Canada’s government system, visit:

Politics of Canada

Politique canadienne

Three Levels of Government

Video: The Three Levels of Government

Many first, second and third generation immigrants are elected by their communities to serve at the local, provincial, and federal levels of government. This practice ensures that the political dialogue and the resulting decisions made are a reflection of the needs and concerns of all citizens. Every group in Canada should feel that they have a voice.

Why People Like Living in Canada

There are many reasons Canadians love our country. Among those reasons are safety and security, and universal health care.

Safety and Security:

Some Immigrants choose Canada because they are leaving political turmoil in their home country, and they want to live peacefully and feel safe. No country is totally free of violence, but the crime rate in Canada has been on a consistent decline for the past twenty years. Our restrictive gun laws and prison rehabilitation programs contribute to that decline, making Canada a more peaceful nation every year.

Health Care:

The Canadian health care system also provides a sense of comfort and safety for citizens. Health care is publicly funded and administered. Having equal access to medical treatment and affordable procedures is an important part of what it means to be Canadian. The value of this system is reflected in the average life expectancy of Canadians (80 for men/84 for women). To learn more about health care in Canada, visit The Canadian Health Care System page on the Government of Canada website.


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