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1) A patient visited the optical dispensary and ordered contact lenses from his optician. He calls the next day to inform the optician that he has tested positive for COVID-19. What should the optician do?(Required)
2) Which of the following invade cells and use the reproductive mechanism of the cell to multiply, eventually killing the cell?(Required)
3) Rosita is 16 years old. Her right eye was patched for about 3 months when she was 6 years old. She has recently had an eye examination and her new Rx is:

OD +1.00 −1.75 × 135
OS +2.50 −2.00 × 040

Her visual acuity is:
OD 20/20
OS 20/60
OU 20/25

Rosita plays tennis and hopes to get contact lenses to improve her vision during sports.

How should the optician describe the patient’s refractive condition and the likelihood that contact lenses will improve her visual acuity and binocular vision compared to her eyeglasses?(Required)
4) A 16-year-old student was diagnosed with advanced keratoconus in her right eye a year ago. She had poor visual acuity with eyeglasses and was fit with rigid gas permeable lenses and had adequate wear time and visual acuity.

The patient has been using a multi-purpose rigid gas permeable lens solution daily to clean, disinfect, and condition her lenses. She had an infection in the right eye 2 months ago, for which she received medical treatment. She now has a new infection in the same eye.

Which of the following should the optician recommend to reduce the possibility of recurring infection?(Required)
5) An optician is fitting a new contact lens patient with monthly disposable contact lenses. His eyeglass Rx and keratometry readings are as follows:

Eyeglass Rx:
OD −4.75
OS −4.25
Keratometry readings:
OD 45.25 @ 180/46.50 @ 090
OD 45.75 @ 180/47.00 @ 090

Which of the following contact lens parameters are best suited for this patient?(Required)
6) Which instrument does an optician use to determine a patient’s corneal measurements?(Required)
7) What instrument should an optician use to evaluate whether a rigid gas permeable contact lens is warped?(Required)
8) An optician receives a pair of rigid gas permeable lenses back from the lab. What must the optician check when visually inspecting the lenses before dispensing them to the patient?(Required)
9) A patient is fitted with new soft contact lenses with the following specifications:

OU −2.00, base curve 8.4 D, diameter 14.0 mm

At her 1-week follow-up, the patient complains that after a couple of hours of wearing the lenses, they become uncomfortable and her vision becomes inconsistent. The optician performs an assessment and notes the following:

* VA is 20/40 and upon blink is 20/20.
* Keratometry mires over contact lenses are unclear, then become clear on blink.

Which of the following lenses should the optician select for this patient?(Required)
10) Which instrument does the optician use when verifying the power on a rigid gas permeable contact lens?(Required)