The National Association of Canadian Optician Regulators (NACOR) develops, coordinates, and manages an accreditation process for Opticianry programs in Canada. The reason for this initiative is to identify educational programs that meet NACOR academic requirements and criteria for training licensed opticians in Canada. Accredited programs are required to meet rigorous standards that ensure opticians are properly trained as experts in their field.

The best way to make sure that you have the skills and knowledge required to become a licensed optician in Canada is to complete an accredited educational program.

Accredited programs are available at the following institutions:

Douglas College

Georgian College

Le Collège Communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick (CCNB)

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)

Oulton College

Seneca College

Stenberg College

Please visit the Education of Opticians in Canada page of this website for more information.

National Optical Sciences Examination

If you have successfully completed optician training at an accredited post-secondary institution in Canada, you are eligible to challenge the national licensing exam for opticians. The National Optical Sciences Examination is a practical exam, often referred to as the NACOR exam because it is administered by the National Association of Canadian Optician Regulators (NACOR).

To find out more information about the national exam and how to apply, you can visit the Examinations page of this website or contact NACOR or the regulatory body for opticians in your province.

Provincial Regulatory Bodies

College of Opticians of British Columbia

Alberta College and Association of Opticians

College of Opticians of Saskatchewan

The Opticians of Manitoba

College of Opticians of Ontario

Ordre des opticiens d’ordonnances du Québec

College of Opticians of Nova Scotia

College of Opticians of New Brunswick

Prince Edward Island:

Newfoundland and LabradorE-Mail, Phone/Fax: 1-709-579-2605

What Happens After the NACOR Exam?

Once an applicant has successfully challenged the NACOR exam, they are considered eligible for registration across Canada.

Please visit the Registration Process page of this website for more information about how to register.

Each provincial regulatory body has a unique registration process, so you might also find it useful to contact the regulatory body in your province directly.