Along with providing a strong national voice for the profession of Opticianry, the OAC is continuously working to provide members with a wide range of tangible benefits, exclusive savings and a variety of free services.

Listed below are many of the advantages and benefits of being a member of the OAC. Membership really does pay for itself!


As a member of the Opticians Association of Canada (OAC), you become an important part of a strong and dynamic organization that is dedicated to positive changes for the profession of Opticianry.

You’ll join a solid, supportive membership of over 3,000 who create a strong national voice, allowing the OAC to play a major role in creating favorable regulations and standard-setting precedents.

When you become a member of the OAC, you support and shape the future of your industry.

To ensure you get the most out of your membership, the OAC has partnered with many of the Provincial Associations to provide a joint membership to ensure you have access to more support and services.

The OAC works hard for its members, and offers tangible benefits, exclusive savings and a variety of free services, such as free professional learning opportunities, professional liability insurance, and reduced rates to OAC hosted education events. To learn more, check out our benefits of membership page.

The OAC has three (3) categories of membership:

  1. Optician Member
    1. An Optician member is an Optician who holds a current license with a Provincial Regulatory Board/College in Canada.
  2. Student Member
    1. A student member is an individual who is currently enrolled in an accredited Optical Training program in Canada and is not licensed with a Provincial Regulatory Board/College
  3. Associate Member
    1. An associate member is an individual who does not fall into the Optician Member or Student Member categories



Each province across Canada has a Provincial Association or Chapter of Opticians. The role of the Association or Chapter is to advocate on behalf of the Opticians in their respective province.
The following is a list of the Provincial Associations and Chapters across Canada:

British Columbia / Opticians Association of Canada – British Columbia Chapter
Ph. 1-800-847-3155 / Fax. 1-204-947-2519
Email. / Website.

Alberta / Alberta College and Association of Opticians
Ph. (800) 263-6026, (780) 429-2694 / Fax. (800) 584-6896, (780) 426-5576
Email. / Website.

Saskatchewan / Opticians Association of Canada – Saskatchewan Chapter
Ph. 1-800-847-3155 / Fax. 1-204-947-2519

Manitoba / Opticians Association of Canada – Manitoba Chapter
Ph. 1-800-847-3155, 204-982-6060 / Fax. 204-947-2519
Added: Email.

Ontario / Ontario Opticians Association
Ph. 1-905-709-4141, 1-877-709-4141 / Fax. (416) 226-6879
Email. / Website:

Québec / Ordre des Opticiens d’ordonnances du Québec
Ph. 1-514-288-7542 / Toll free 1-800-563-6345
Email. / Website.

New Brunswick / Opticians Association of New Brunswick
Ph. 1-506-642-2878 / Fax. 1-506-642-7984
Email. / Website:

Newfoundland / Newfoundland Guild of Dispensing Opticians
Ph. & Fax. 1-709-579-2605

Nova Scotia / Nova Scotia Society of Dispensing Opticians
Ph. 1-902-499-7562
Email. / Website.

Prince Edward Island / PEI Dispensing Opticians Association
Ph. (902) 628-2040


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